The 2016 Negotiation and Leadership Conference at Harvard University will be the largest gathering of thought-leaders on negotiation in the world. The encompassing theme of this four-day action-packed conference is:

Fostering Economic Empowerment & Global Competitiveness Through Negotiation 

The conference will look at how enhanced negotiation capability and global business skills can improve economic results at the individual level for wealth creation, at the corporate level for profitability/shareholder value, at the national level for economic growth and at the geopolitical level for international trade, economic development and world diplomacy.

The premise of the conference is simply this: the personal, corporate and national improvement of negotiation skills (combined with global business acumen) is a missing link to sustainable entrepreneurial success/job creation as well as propelling the economy forward. We will explore these concepts both in terms of rigorous research and analysis as well as proven practical methodology and real world examples.

The goal of the conference is to showcase the relationship between economic advancement, negotiation capability and global business acumen in order to improve lives around the world and to create employment, strengthen access to capital, facilitate entrepreneurial success for small business, maximize profitability for corporations, enhance social returns for communities and foster economic growth for nations. By focusing on how these skills can be leveraged for economic advantage, the conference also seeks to promote better results for negotiators and leaders through practical examples and “real world” experiences.

Our ambitious conference agenda aims to provide the right training, education, tools, skills and connections that will empower participants with proven strategies to unleash access to funding, facilitate collaboration, overcome obstacles to advancement while accelerating breakthrough opportunities in order to create a next-level shift of wealth creation and tackle the toughest challenges of a complex and interconnected global economy.

We are convening the finest minds on the topic – an array of respected economists, scholars, thought leaders, experts, and a network of influential decision-makers from multiple sectors, geographies and viewpoints – to identify the key ingredients for sustainable economic breakthrough and to help unleash the power of negotiation to solve urgent social and economic challenges and improve lives by advancing groundbreaking solutions that will create prosperity in all corners of the globe.

This four-day event is hosted by the Harvard Negotiation Alumni Society in collaboration with The Harvard International Negotiation Program, The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Business School Negotiation & Public Speaking Student Organization, with PwC as our Industry Partner.

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