This is the most anticipated negotiation event of the year at Harvard University

We welcome you to the 2016 Negotiation & Leadership Conference at Harvard University.

In addition to students at Harvard, and other Boston-area universities, the conference has had an impact on thousands of participants (both locally and worldwide) including business leaders, Fortune 500 companies, educators, business owners, salespeople, legal professionals, and people from every walk of life. This spectacular conference provides proven strategies to enhance negotiation skills and increase leadership effectiveness, and is an exciting, inspiring, skills-building event that is known for its top-notch speakers and its powerful audience impact. Only world-class speakers, who deliver powerful presentations packed with cutting-edge skills for success, appear on this platform. The value-packed educational experience is designed to increase participants’ value in the marketplace by creating value for profitability through better deals, agreements, partnerships and ventures and by providing the edge needed to become an indispensable asset and a formidable force in today’s economy.

The conference is designed for those seeking to sharpen their negotiation skills at every level, from the “top executive” to the “stay-at-home mom”. It is a “must-attend” event for those who need to improve their ability to generate wealth, increase sales, gain customers, gain a salary increase, gain a promotion, obtain financing for starting a business, launch a non-profit, or resolve interpersonal conflict at home or at work. Attendees will increase their negotiation intelligence by learning from world-renown experts including Harvard faculty as well as an array of distinguished top-notch speakers and leaders from a variety of fields.

Each year we invite a number of prominent leaders in academia, business, arts & entertainment, government and law to discuss negotiations and leadership topics. This is a life-changing event that will help you move to the next level of competence and open up new pathways to the achievement of personal mastery in the field of negotiations.

The conference boasts a formidable lineup of speakers and has had more than 60 speakers participate in the event over past years, including renowned luminaries such as: Dr. Thomas Schelling, Dr. Howard Raiffa, Dr. William Ury, Robert Mnookin, Michael Wheeler, Dr. Robert Cialdini, as well as influential business and government leaders such as Tony Robbins, Mitch Kapor, Hon. Hlengiwe Mkhize, Hon. Reta Jo Lewis, and many others.

Our team is hard at work to bring together an amazing line-up of speakers for our keynotes, panels and workshops in 2016.

We are excited to bring you the 2016 Negotiation & Leadership Conference.

We have an extraordinary program in store for you this year and we invite you to join us!
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