The Negotiation & Leadership Conference 2016 is a four-day power-packed conference that will give you ground-breaking strategies to sharpen your negotiation and global business skills. You’ll be inspired, enlightened, motivated and trained by our top-notch experts and world-renowned speakers as they equip you with proven ideas and keys to negotiation success.  The conference will help you get the edge you need to become an indispensable asset and a formidable force in today’s economy.

Conference Theme and Focus
In order to maintain profitability and a competitive edge, organizations must strive to build sustainable competency in negotiation and global business acumen. Independent research has established a link between economic success, negotiation capability and global leadership skills. This conference will provide a road map for harnessing the power of negotiation, collaboration and global business skills to develop a high performance culture, foster economic advancement and enhance global competitiveness. Therefore the focus of this year’s conference is on how to create, develop and sustain economic advantage for nations, corporations and individuals in this complex interconnected global environment. By attending this groundbreaking event, participants will learn to:

  • Create economic success through state-of-the-art models and frameworks for economic advancement
  • Confront the underlying nature of the new challenges for leadership in the context of globalization
  • Evolve to adapt to the new environment in order to be effective and to maintain relevance
  • Master the new requirements for individuals to be an effective participant in this new global agenda
  • Create economic success for your family or company through advanced negotiation strategies
  • Master the negotiation ecosystem within your organization
  • Harness conflict for competitive advantage
  • Position your firm for global competitive advantage
  • Become better at forming and sustaining collaborative relationships
  • Leverage global negotiation cross-cultural competence in international negotiation settings
  • Enhance global learning skills needed to prosper in a global economy
  • Make negotiation a competitive edge via practical tools and techniques
  • Resolve conflict effectively & improve negotiation outcomes
  • Sharpen skills to negotiate better deals & create options for mutual gain
  • Manage complexity and adversity in negotiation and business


This conference will provide a unique focus in helping to understand the fundamental competencies and challenges needed to make companies, nations and individuals more economically viable in this new economic era.  It will seek to directly make the connection between negotiation, global business acumen and achieving a sustainable economic outcome. It will also incorporate a range of topics that are fundamental to negotiation success in today’s increasingly complex business environment. This event is designed for those who value leading-edge negotiation skills to generate increased profitability and economic results, who want to identify and acquire the skills needed to lead in this new era of complexity and uncertainty, as well as the opportunity to network with peers from around the world and to share the ideas and experiences that drive true change and improvement in one’s business or career.

What’s Included?
  • Our program offers a broad range of panels, speakers, and events designed for a general audience
  • The conference will span four days and will feature a full-day of programming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with afternoon kickoff pre-conference bootcamps on Thursday
  • The event will have 10 main sessions featuring top experts and leaders on the subject
  • There will be 30-plus speakers and general session presentations including keynotes and panels with thought leaders, practitioners, and academics
  • There will be at least 12 executive training workshops, including bootcamps, breakout sessions, practical training and debrief
  • There will be many networking opportunities with the speakers, peers and other leaders attending the event, including lunch, reception, etc.


The program will include:
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Panel Discussions
  • Executive Training Workshops
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Interviews with Speakers
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Lunch & Refreshments
  • Reception
  • Special VIP Access to Speakers (Premium Option)
  • Special Giveaways (such as books or other prizes)

Attending this conference is one of the best professional development moves you could ever make! Don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity to boost your skill sets by learning from the best!

See you there!

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